Retirement Planning

Can AI Plan Your Retirement Better Than I Can?

Financial adviser Jerry Golden posed retirement planning questions to ChatGPT. The results? A good start that begs for human intervention (though it had some things to say about Jerry!).

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Retirement Planning

Can Your Retirement Income Plan Cover Unplanned Expenses?

Let’s take a close look at ways to create the liquidity necessary in your income plan to cover big-ticket items later in retirement, such as long-term care.

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Retirement Planning

Insuring Your Plan for Retirement Income

‘Longevity insurance’ ensures you don’t run out of money in retirement. How to figure out how much you need, the types of annuities to use and when the income should kick in are tricky questions, though.

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Retirement Planning

To Create a Better Plan for Retirement Income, Start Earlier

Let’s explore how to figure out how much income your savings can generate at retirement and how to build a better plan when retirement is five or 10 years away.

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Retirement Planning

Don’t Hand Your Retirement Income Planning Over to AI Just Yet

Some are saying artificial intelligence can replace human financial advisers, but even ChatGPT recognizes the value of experience, judgment and a beating heart.

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Social Security

How to Fix Social Security and What to Do While We Wait

Here are four proposals to modify the Social Security program and to ensure the program keeps going strong for future retirees.

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Retirement Planning

Why So Many Experts Consider Annuities a Win for Retirees

Rising interest rates, pressure on Social Security, unpredictable markets and longevity risks are making annuities ever more attractive as a part of retirement planning.

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Retirement Planning

Curious About a QLAC? SECURE 2.0 Act Gives This Annuity a Boost

New legislation raises the amount you can transfer from your rollover IRA to a qualifying longevity annuity contract (QLAC), reducing RMDs and increasing guaranteed lifetime income.

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Retirement Planning

Even After a Year Like 2022, Your Retirement Income Plan Can Stay on Course

Predictions about what the markets will do or how the economy will perform are often wrong. That’s why it’s better to “prepare” rather than “predict,” and that requires establishing some basic assumptions.

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Retirement Planning

Doing Your Retirement Income Planning in the Right Order Matters

A strong retirement income strategy considers many factors, including the retiree’s unique financial resources and needs. How and when you tackle them is critical.

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Retirement Planning

Finding Peace of Mind With Your Retirement Income

Even in tough times, you can secure retirement income that lets you maintain your lifestyle, lasts a lifetime, adjusts for life events and leaves a legacy for the kids.

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Retirement Planning

How Much More Retirement Income Can You Get?

Each investor is unique, so the answer to that isn't as simple as it sounds. Let's take a look at a few different scenarios to see the outcomes.

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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning: One Size Doesn’t Fit All

For the most important financial decision of your life, you need a plan that’s tailored especially for you.

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Retirement Planning

Investing for Retirement Income Is Different – Rethink 60/40 Rule

Investors saving for retirement are familiar with the 60/40 rule, concerning stocks and bonds. But for retirees, a different kind of 60/40 rule applies – one designed to deliver lifetime income.

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Has Bad Economic News in 2022 Hurt Your Retirement Plans?

How the right plan now can get you back on track and reduce the risk going forward.

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Retirement Planning

For Sustainable Retirement Income, You Need These 5 Building Blocks

Combining elements that you understand is the smartest way to create a secure retirement.

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Retirement Planning

Choppy Market Impacting Your Retirement Income Plan?

Find calmer seas with a retirement plan that includes safe income and eliminates the sour stomach that comes with market corrections.

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Fed Is Raising Interest Rates. How Do Retirees Benefit?

Some sectors of the population may feel the pain of interest rate hikes, while current retirees, and those near retirement, could actually benefit.

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Annuity Payments Don’t Make Your Retirement: They Make It Better

Answers to frequently asked questions about how annuities work, what they can do for retirees, how they are taxed and how inflation affects them.

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Retirement Planning

How to Turn Your Retirement Savings into Retirement Income

Your retirement income plan starts here with a primer on Income Allocation planning, my method of creating a reliable stream of income big enough and steady enough to last you through retirement.

November 20, 2020 Read More
Income Allocation

What’s Your Retirement Number? Don’t Just Go By The 4% Rule

Numbers necessarily rule our retirement decisions, and we usually have questions about them. At what age will we stop working full time? How long of a retirement should we plan for? What do today’s low interest rates mean to our future income? Can we count on a reasonable dividend yield from our stock portfolio? What percentage of our income should be guaranteed for life, like Social Security, pension income and annuity payments?

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Retirement Tax Rate

How to lower your retirement tax rate to less than 10%

The traditional thinking is that retirees should keep their taxes as low as possible and invest much of their savings in investments like tax-free municipal bonds. If you are wealthy and your average tax rate is, say, 25% or higher, that strategy might make sense.

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Retirement Plan

Factoring Inflation Into Your Retirement Plan

Right now, inflation is top of mind for everyone, including retirees. Inflation is important. But it is only one of the risks that retirees have to plan for and manage. And like the other risks, you can build a plan so that rising costs (both actual and feared) do not ruin your retirement plan.

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Income Allocation

Prepare For Detours in the Market: Manage Your Plan in Real-time

Going through the process of creating an income plan for your retirement does not mean you are done when the numbers on paper meet your immediate expectations. A successful plan depends on regular analysis and adjustments. Both might be required either because your goals change, or the world shifts.

December 10, 2019 Read More