Retirement Planning

Annuity Payments Are 30% to 60% Higher: Time to Reconsider

When interest rates rise, so do payments on new annuity contracts. Maybe it’s time to take another look at how annuities can fit into your retirement income.

November 03, 2023 Read More
Retirement Planning

Do Alternative Investments Belong in Your Retirement Plan?

There’s a lot of promotion of ’alternative investments’ these days, from gold to real estate and even to Bitcoin. Are you missing out?

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Retirement Planning

How to Get More Retirement Income From Your 401(k)

An integrated approach of investments and annuities could provide you with more retirement income in addition to protection against inflation and late-in-life expenses.

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Retirement Planning

Don’t Bet Your Retirement on Stocks: Follow These Four Tips

Keep a generous amount of your savings in the stock market, but make stocks only part of your retirement income plan to manage the risks.

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Retirement Planning

Do You Have Enough Income to Retire? That Is the Question

To be or not to be secure in retirement… Income planning is critical, and that means testing different strategies and products to get your best outcome.

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Retirement Planning

Remember: Retirement Accounts Are Not All Taxed the Same

How you handle your pre-tax and after-tax accounts can make a big difference in your income in retirement and the legacy you leave.

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Retirement Planning

Can AI Plan Your Retirement Better Than I Can?

Financial adviser Jerry Golden posed retirement planning questions to ChatGPT. The results? A good start that begs for human intervention (though it had some things to say about Jerry!).

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Retirement Planning

Can Your Retirement Income Plan Cover Unplanned Expenses?

Let’s take a close look at ways to create the liquidity necessary in your income plan to cover big-ticket items later in retirement, such as long-term care.

June 26, 2023 Read More
Retirement Planning

Insuring Your Plan for Retirement Income

‘Longevity insurance’ ensures you don’t run out of money in retirement. How to figure out how much you need, the types of annuities to use and when the income should kick in are tricky questions, though.

June 02, 2023 Read More
Retirement Planning

Are You Worried About Running Out of Money in Retirement?

Planning that integrates income annuities can help alleviate the No. 1 fear of retirees, even in worst-case investment scenarios and when living way beyond your life expectancy.

May 30, 2023 Read More
Retirement Planning

To Create a Better Plan for Retirement Income, Start Earlier

Let’s explore how to figure out how much income your savings can generate at retirement and how to build a better plan when retirement is five or 10 years away.

May 25, 2023 Read More
Retirement Planning

Don’t Hand Your Retirement Income Planning Over to AI Just Yet

Some are saying artificial intelligence can replace human financial advisers, but even ChatGPT recognizes the value of experience, judgment and a beating heart.

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Social Security

How to Fix Social Security and What to Do While We Wait

Here are four proposals to modify the Social Security program and to ensure the program keeps going strong for future retirees.

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Retirement Planning

Why So Many Experts Consider Annuities a Win for Retirees

Rising interest rates, pressure on Social Security, unpredictable markets and longevity risks are making annuities ever more attractive as a part of retirement planning.

March 14, 2023 Read More
Retirement Planning

Curious About a QLAC? SECURE 2.0 Act Gives This Annuity a Boost

New legislation raises the amount you can transfer from your rollover IRA to a qualifying longevity annuity contract (QLAC), reducing RMDs and increasing guaranteed lifetime income.

January 30, 2023 Read More
Retirement Planning

Even After a Year Like 2022, Your Retirement Income Plan Can Stay on Course

Predictions about what the markets will do or how the economy will perform are often wrong. That’s why it’s better to “prepare” rather than “predict,” and that requires establishing some basic assumptions.

December 27, 2022 Read More
Retirement Planning

Doing Your Retirement Income Planning in the Right Order Matters

A strong retirement income strategy considers many factors, including the retiree’s unique financial resources and needs. How and when you tackle them is critical.

December 02, 2022 Read More
Retirement Planning

Finding Peace of Mind With Your Retirement Income

Even in tough times, you can secure retirement income that lets you maintain your lifestyle, lasts a lifetime, adjusts for life events and leaves a legacy for the kids.

November 10, 2022 Read More