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Important Notice Re: FED RATE HIKES

To track the impact of the Fed's interest rate increases on your Go2Income plan's Starting Income Percentage(SIP), Go2Income will update your SIP on a monthly basis through September 2023.

(Since the first quarter of 2022 the SIP for a typical plan has increased by 14%.)

Retirement is About Income & Income is About Planning

You Need a Plan for Retirement Income Personalized to Your Objectives

It doesn't have to be complicated, but it does have to be personalized to you and your retirement objectives. By following the steps in the Guide below you'll provide us with information so we can use our Go2Income analytics to craft a personalized plan that will deliver:

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TWO WAYS TO Evaluate Your Plan

For assistance in understanding and designing the annuity portion of your Personalized Go2Income Plan, JDM Financial will introduce you to one of their independent agents. JDM provides access to insurance carriers and marketing services for these agents.

If you have questions on the report you receive from us, please email us at info@goldenretirement.com

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Definition of Income Allocation Terms


Retirement income planning that focuses on the sources of income - dividends, interest, IRA withdrawals and annuity payments - in contrast to planning based on asset allocation.



A Plan, based on the assumptions you provide, illustrates your sources of income and account value over your lifetime. Also, provides a suggested allocation of your Retirement Savings, as well as a measure of the risk of the Plan. A Plan should not be static and should be managed over time.



Amount of savings you are willing to devote to generation of retirement income; typically excludes reserve funds for emergencies or special future purchases. Savings are split between your Rollover IRA and Personal (after-tax) savings.



The amount of your retirement savings that you leave your beneficiaries, exclusive of any life insurance, property and other possessions. It will include any beneficiary protection under an income annuity.



The amount of your savings generally measured by your Account Value you access for planned and unplanned withdrawals. The latter will impact your Legacy and may impact your ongoing retirement income.



Jerry Golden founded Golden Retirement, LLC (GR) and organized its two subsidiaries Golden Retirement Advisors, Inc, (GRA), a registered investment advisor, and the 2Income Annuity Group, Inc (2IAG) , a life insurance and annuity agency, to deliver a Plan for Retirement Income with more income and less risk.

GR developed Go2Income.com which, among other things, integrates annuity payments into Income Allocation planning. By combining both online planning with support from Advisor-Counselors, GR can deliver and manage these plans at a lower cost than traditional retirement income plans. Further, the Income Allocation planning can dramatically reduce an investor's retirement tax rate.

Jerry has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and Bloomberg Radio, and he and his research have been featured in many leading financial publications, including Kiplinger's Retirement Report, Financial Planning, Investment News, as well as numerous consumer-oriented publications and daily newspapers. His proposal for Social Security reform appeared in Bloomberg News online.

Over sixty of his blogs have been published on Kiplinger.com. Jerry has two patents around income planning and income annuities. He founded Golden American Life Insurance Company and held executive positions at Mass Mutual, Equitable Life, and Monarch Life.